E.L. Designs Ed Levin Studio Workshop - 1960's-1970's

Ed Levin and Hawkins House
— a long tradition!

Did you know that our store was also once Ed Levin's workshop?

It's true! Prior to his move to Cambridge, NY in 1979, Ed Levin had his workshop and a retail store right here at 262 North Street, where the Hawkins House crafts market is today. At the time, we were a small struggling craft gallery -- part of the "back to basics" movement of the 1960s and 1970s that inspired the American craft movement. When we decided to move from our original location in Shaftsbury, Vermont to Bennington, it coincided perfectly with Ed Levin's decision to move to a new space in Cambridge. Having little capital, but much hope and belief in the value of hand crafted quality products, Ed was kind enough to finance the mortgage for us -- something a bank may not have done!

Since that time, we've grown to over triple our original size and have made many changes, but we've kept many important things the same including our exterior facade, and even our front counter made from a single slab of wood with it's wonderfully aged patina. We're proud of the long relationship we have with E.L. Designs, and grateful to his belief in us those many years ago, and we are very proud to be one of the oldest (if not THE oldest!) retailer of his jewelry in the world. We invite you to shop our online store, or visit our "brick and mortar" business here in Bennington, Vermont.

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