Hawkins House's 41st Anniversary

When founder Ron Spivak first opened the Hawkins House in 1977, Jimmy Carter was President, a new car cost $4,785, a loaf of bread went for .36¢, gas was 65¢ a gallon, and Vermont had more cows than people.

As a second generation family business, Hawkins House is proud of it's 41 year history of providing exceptional quality jewelry, crafts and gifts. The secret of out success? "Customer service" says owner Elizabeth Ganger. "We love our customers and we do everything possible to reward our customers for their business."

Hawkins House is well known as "the place to shop for jewelry” and even a quick look around will show you why. There is a wide selection of earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets in a variety of metals, with or without stones. There is religious jewelry, including crosses and St. Christopher’s medals. There is a large selection of sterling silver chains as well in a variety of styles and lengths — all at very reasonable prices. In addition to their extensive collection of handcrafted jewelry, Hawkins House has everything from blown glass to pottery, from books and cards to composition books, from handbags to scarves, woodenware and cutting boards, jewelry boxes, decorative candles, toys, games, clothing, and much more.

If you’ve never been to Hawkins House… what are you waiting for! As our customers say, it’s "well worth the trip." Hawkins House exterior